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    10 Hottest Rental Markets in the US

    Home prices continue to climb in already-expensive Seattle, but investors with enough cash to get into the city’s landlord business could see big returns. Seattle ranked in the Top 3 of the nation’s best markets for rental real estate investors, according to an “opportunity” list from HomeUnion, a single-family-rental acquisition and management

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    Blackstone Goes Public (Full Details on the IPO)

    Invitation Homes, a Dallas-based single-family rental real estate investment trust and a behemoth in its class, raised $1.54 billion in an initial public offering Tuesday. It priced 77 million shares at $20 each, well within its previously stated range of $18 and $21. The stock opened slightly higher Wednesday. “We

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    How Trump Will Dismantle Dodd-Frank

    It’s been a busy week in office for President Donald Trump, with executive orders on immigration, energy, trade, health care, and more being handed down daily. But executive orders are just the preamble to the big initiatives that Trump and the Republican majority in Congress are expected to push for shortly. Chief among those is

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    The 5 Profit Centers Of Rental Property

    Do you actually know all of the ways you profit from a rental property? You might have a basic feel for them, but I bet you don’t realize all of the ways you profit from a rental property. Even if you do, it never hurts to review a summary of the income

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