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  • Trump To Ax Mortgage Interest Deduction

    For more than a century, homeownership has come with a small bonus: The mortgage interest deduction. It allows borrowers to deduct the interest paid on their home loans from their income taxes. Real estate agents, homebuilders and mortgage lenders have long used it as a selling point. Every so often it

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  • UiDitsw

    Mortgage Rates Skyrocket After Trump Victory (Highest jump since 2013)

    Financial markets are still processing the effects that President-elect Donald Trump will have when he officially takes office in January. In the aftermath of Trump’s victory, the stock market rose sharply, reaching record highs the last 2 weeks. But the stock market isn’t the only thing that’s on the rise since Trump won;

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  • screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-5-12-46-pm

    Flipping Properties in Michigan, Ohio, & Indiana (Matt Andrews in the field)

    Join Matt Andrews on his recent trip up to the northern market of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pick up some tips on how to evaluate and move into new real estate markets.     Wach video below… ******************************************************************** ******************************************************************** 4th australian bull terrier book, New nissan note luggage capacity, Catene da neve x nissan

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  • obama-shhhhhhhh

    Check Out Obama’s New $5M Mansion (The post-white house home)

    Another milestone in Barack Obama’s presidency has been set with the election of his successor, Donald Trump. The election moved Obama closer to life after the presidency. And as Politico reported back in May, the Obamas have already settled on a post-Pennsylvania Avenue house to call home. It’s not the White House, but it’ll do.

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