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MATT ANDREWS is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, growth hacker, film producer, and #1 bestselling author. He is best known for the “Real Estate Investors Guide” book series, the Real Estate Freedom Podcast, and co-founder of The Insiders: Real Estate Investment Training.

Matt has been seen on CNN.com, Forbes.com, ABC News, and numerous other media outlets. His training products can be found on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and iTunes. His popular blog www.getontheinside.com updates members with free video trainings spotlighting cutting edge real estate strategies.

Matt is also the creator of “The Internet Real Estate Tycoon” training program which was recently featured on CNN.com and garnered the endorsement of Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.

In his spare time, Matt has taken on the role of Executive Film Producer. His first film, “Legends of the Knight”, opened to universal positive reviews and was recently signed to an exclusive deal with Netflix. His next film is currently in development.

Matt and his wife Lindsay travel the world relentlessly while running their businesses and working as founding board members of 3 charities: Khusi Hona: The Indian Orphan Project, The Rising Heroes Project, and Jamobility: The Jamaican Wheelchair Project.

Matt is incredibly bald, and when the sun catches his shiny head just right . . . it can temporarily blind you. You’ve been warned.