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    Cities with the Highest & Lowest Rents [FULL LIST]

    A recent report from Abodo showed U.S. renters paid a record $504.4 billion in rent in 2018, topping 2017’s total by $12.6 billion. On a state-by-state basis, Abodo’s report shows that rents rose in 29 states (including the District of Columbia) in 2018, while rents fell in 22 states. Rents remained

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    Assignment Contract Downloads Automatically when you click here   ================================  

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    The Real Estate Freedom Standard Construction Contract {Free Template}

    This is the standard construction contract template that we start with before starting any new project with a contractor. Use it manage your contractors and handymen.    *** Contract Downloads Automatically by Clicking Here ***   *** Contract Downloads Automatically by Clicking Here ***    

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    How To Increase Your Profit Per Deal {Free Rehab Checklist}

    Below is the standard checklist that we use to make sure we have properly evaluated scope of work in a new renovation project. A quick walkthrough with this list in hand can save you a lot of time and headaches!      Here’s the Checklist: All properties need to have curb appeal Yards clean and

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Learn How To Flip Online Auction Properties