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Category Archive: Podcasts

Best Practices Dealing with City Officials



When you own a rental property, there are many city officials that you may interact with.  These include inspectors, code enforcers, planning departments, fire department, health department, tax collectors, and more.  These officials can make your life really easy or REALLY HARD.  Knowing how to navigate these relationships can save you time, money, and frustration.  Listen in as Matt and Matt share their secrets for dealing with city officials.  Enjoy!


What You’ll Learn:

  • What types of city officials you should be prepared to deal with.
  • Why you should focus on the war not the battle.
  • The importance of knowing the key players in your town.
  • What the goal of your property is.
  • How to turn an inspector into a friend.
  • The lesson you should take from Fonzie from Happy Days.
  • How your pride can be very expensive in this business.

Maximizing Section 8 Properties


Today’s episode is all about the much misunderstood Section 8 program.  We are discussing what Section 8 is, how it works, and how you can use it to maximize the performance of your rental portfolio.  Plus Matt and Matt are sharing some insider secrets for locating and incentivizing Section 8 tenants to rent your property.


What You’ll Learn:

  • What Section 8 is; and
  • How the tenant qualifies for the program to get housing.
  • How the money hits your account.
  • The stigmas attached to Section 8 tenants; and
  • Why the caliber of tenant has increased over the last several years.
  • How Section 8 tenants compare when it comes to retention.
  • What happens when a Section 8 tenant tears up a rental house.
  • How the voucher system works.
  • Why MA would rather have a Section 8 renter for $900 per month vs. a market renter for $1,000 per month.
  • How MT’s property manager finds Section 8 tenants.
  • How MA incentivizes tenants to rent with him.


Episode 9: Drew Downs Interviews Matt

Oh how the turntables have. . .turned.

You’ll remember Drew Downs from a previous episode. Drew got into real estate at an early age and has been making it happen ever since.

In this episode, Drew interviews Matt for his podcast and they discuss the strategies Matt employs in his real estate business.

They cover everything from rehabs to rentals to turnkey products marketed exclusively to international investors.

You don’t want to miss this one!

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Episode 8: Rent to Own & Creative Financing: A Conversation with Franklin Cruz

This is how to party

After serving in the military for 7 years on active duty, Franklin Cruz surveyed his post-Army options and realized that only a handful offered the freedom he desired for his family.

Real estate was a natural fit and he jumped in. Since then, he’s touched virtually every facet of the industry.

Franklin is a master of creative real estate and has had a lot of success putting together deals when no one else thought it could be done.

This episode focuses on lease option and rent to own strategies–two important methods to explore during a down market.

Also, Franklin has great hair.

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Episode 7: How to Rehab & Retail: A Conversation with Blake Seo

What a stud.

Blake Seo bought his first house at age 19 (using a credit card!) and has been in real estate ever since.

He flipped properties in Ohio before learning about the opportunity in Florida and heading down to the Sunshine State.

Listen in as he and Matt discuss what he’s doing now and how he incorporates his love for design into his business strategy. Learn why he intentionally prices his properties on the high end and how you would do well to do the same.

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Episode 6: From Bartender to Property Flipper: A Conversation with Stephanie Davis

Steph Davis: Smallest Human Ever

Stephanie Davis is a wholesaler and avid Spice Girls fan who lives in the Tampa Bay area.

Matt & Lindsay first met Steph at a house they were both checking out in Tampa. Steph flipped the house to them and the rest is history.

Listen as she tells Matt about how she got involved in the business and about her first deal that almost wasn’t. This girl knows her stuff so pay attention!

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Episode 5: How to Find the Best Property Deals in Your Area

Matt tackles one of the most common questions he hears from new investors: “How do I find property deals?” This podcast covers Matt’s favorite sources for properties:

      • Banks
      • Short Sales
      • Auctions
      • Distressed Owners
      • Bulk Deals
      • Wholesalers

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Episode 4: How to Make Money in Today’s Market: A Conversation with Drew Downs

Check out that grin!

Drew Downs bought his first house when he was 19.

He did a lot of deals back when the business was booming and by the time he was 25 years old, he had amassed 13 rental properties and had flipped over 50 properties.

But when the market came to a screeching halt, so did his real estate business.

Not to be deterred, Drew reassessed his situation and adjusted to the new market. Listen as Drew and Matt talk about making money in today’s real estate market.

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Episode 3: Creative Real Estate: A Conversation with Corey Donahue

I have better pictures of Corey, but I just like this one so much!

When it comes to thinking outside of the box in real estate, Corey Donahue is your man. In addition to being a good friend of Matt’s, he has over 10 years of creative real estate investment experience with a specialty in owner financed notes and options, in both the residential and commercial markets.

Recognized as a regional leader in the real estate investment space, Corey is currently working with one of the largest hedge funds in the country sourcing investment properties.

Corey also serves on the Board of Directors of New Beginnings of Tampa, a non-profit organization which provides recovery services for addicts.

Listen as Matt and Corey tackle some creative real estate topics. I guarantee you’ll learn something!

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Episode 2: How NOT to Rehab a Property

Have you ever started a project and had every last little thing go wrong? Maybe instead of creating a plan, you decided to rely on proper star alignment to get you through to the finish.

Or maybe you had the best of intentions, but just couldn’t quite make it work. Whether it was due to lack of planning or circumstances beyond your control, we’ve all had projects go awry.

Unfortunately for Matt, he decided to “wing it” on his first rehab. Although painful at the time, it sure does make a great story. And even more important, we can learn from his mistakes.

If you ask me, there are too many “How to” podcasts out there and not near enough “How NOT to” shows. Enjoy the listen. . .

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