Invaluable Tools of the Trade


In the business of rental real estate investing, speed is incredibly important.  To be able to quickly sort the good deals from the bad, get them under contract, and then tenant them is vital to your success.  Today the Matt Andrews and Matt Theriault are sharing their favorite tools to allow you to conduct your business efficiently.



What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the accuracy of Zestimates® should not matter to you.
  • How to use Zillow to determine comps.
  • How MT uses Zillow to quickly craft his all cash offers.
  • Where to find comps if they aren’t public record in your area.
  • The 4 websites recommended for researching market conditions.
  • Where to access the most robust and up-to-date info on markets.
  • How to compare your rental price to rentals in the area.
  • How the Matts use their pro forma spreadsheets.
  • Two great websites to market your properties.
  • How to spot an investor on Craigslist; and
  • How to make your Craigslist ad stand out.
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about 100% accuracy up front.