Refund Policy and Cancellations

Satisfaction/Money Back Guarantees – We offer Satisfaction/Money Back Guarantees for most of the products and services that you can purchase from us.  Each product/service has its own separate Satisfaction/Money Back Guarantee.  See the product or service description or the Satisfaction/Money Back Guarantee below for each product/service. These Satisfaction/Money Back Guarantees are incorporated into and made part of the Terms of Service.  Unless otherwise noted, we cannot provide Satisfaction/Money Back Guarantees for third-party products/services available through this site.


Our products provide you with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, as described below.

If within thirty (30) days, you are not satisfied with the quality of our services, you should contact us only by email at [email protected] to resolve the conflict and/or seek a refund. You may only use and return a product one time. Please note that you may not make a return based on financial reasons, such as a job loss, low income, etc.