The Best Cash Flow in America


Many would-be investors believe the outdated advice that you must invest in your own backyard.  Unfortunately not everyone lives in a market that is optimum for cash flow investing.  That’s why at the Hold That House podcast we suggest that you live where you want and invest where it makes sense!

So where exactly does it make sense?  Today Matt and Matt are sharing their secrets and explaining exactly how they find the best cash flowing markets for their own portfolios.  Enjoy!



What You’ll Learn:

  • Why MA began investing in Florida.
  • The reason that you don’t need to live in driving distance to your investment properties.
  • What MT is looking for in a rent to purchase price ratio.
  • The types of economic indicators that are important in a good cash flow market.
  • What will absolutely disqualify a market for smart investors.
  • How to find good property managers, title companies, contractors, etc. in your new market.
  • Where MT is having the most fun as an investor right now.
  • How MA realized that he needed to start expanding his markets.