Top Zombie Zip Codes in the US (#3 was a surprise!)

All Hallows’ Evening is fast approaching and ATTOM Data Solutions decided to look at properties where the haunting may hit too close to home for neighbors and potential buyers. More than 40,000 single family homes nationwide are vacant and have a homeowner who is now deceased, according to an ATTOM Data Solutions analysis of public record data. That’s one in every 1,795 housing units nationwide, but below take a look at the Top 10 ZIPs where the vacant home may be the haunted home.


Those looking for a Spooktacular home should head to Lake County, Indiana, more particularly ZIP code 46407, where there are 108 haunted homes , which comes to one haunted home for every 41 homes in the area. Following close behind in that same county is ZIP code 46402 with a haunted house for one out of every 52 homes. Rounding out the top 10 are ZIP codes in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Mobile County, Alabama, Wayne County, Michigan, Hinds County, Mississippi,  Jefferson County, Alabama and Mahoning County, Ohio.


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